Making Disciples of Men

Making Disciples of Men

By Sarah Whitman/ Tampa Bay Faith

As a minister in South Africa, Anton Labuschagne wanted to do more than share the good news of the Gospel.

He wanted to help born-again believers mature in their walks with Christ.

“We were not called to make people Christians and then leave them,” Labuschagne said. “We were called to disciple them.”

Labuschagne, whose ministry career spans two continents and as many decades, created a study program to help Christians not only shine a light but shine it brighter.

‘Discipleship: Discover Your Identity in Christ,’ published in 2017, guides readers to a deeper faith. Chapters focus on memorization and application of scripture, foundations for an effective prayer life, and learning to listen to the Holy Spirit, as well as encouragement for believers to seek the lost.

“I believe God is calling the Body of Christ to be developed into leaders,” Labuschagne said.

Labuschagne, a lifelong corporate business man, began his ministry work as a missionary. In 1999, he and wife, Anita, moved to Lakeland, Fl. to open Wings of Compassion International Church. They offered food, resources and spiritual guidance to the homeless, individuals enslaved by drug addiction and others in need.

In 2006, the Labuschagnes returned to South Africa and started Rhema Jesus is Ministries, where they were pastors for 12 years. At Rhema, a Pentecostal and Charismatic church plant, they led outreaches in the community visiting hospitals and prisons. They focused on equipping church members to share the Word.

When an opportunity to return to Florida and be near grandchildren presented itself in 2015, Labuschagne wanted to leave his church with a solid plan. So, he wrote a program to help remaining leaders and congregants stay strong in the Lord. That framework took shape and became Labuschagne’s first book.

‘Discipleship: Discover Your Identity in Christ’ offers daily Bible-reading plans, in-depth scriptural study and bold print statements of faith and God-given purpose for readers to declare over their lives.

Because of Grace I have the unmerited favor of God in my life in everything I do.” (excerpt from text)

“I am free, delivered, liberated, healed and provided for.” (excerpt from text)

Each of Labuschagne’s chapters draws from cited Biblical wisdom.

“The book has become an instrument for my own edification before I get to edify others,” said Jean-Claude Ndagano, who now leads Rhema in Potchefstroom, South Africa.

Since returning to the United States, Labuschagne has taught on his book at Life Church in Apollo Beach. He has been invited to speak at The River Church in Ft. Myers among other houses of worship. He leads study groups reflective of the text. Much of the content relates to current challenges Christians face, he said.

“The word of God keeps me focused on the truth that I am part of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. It is more important to me what the King of this Kingdom says than what the media or people around me say.” (Excerpt from text)

“The main challenge I really see in the church is that after being saved most people stay babies as Christians for the rest of their lives,” he said. “There are a lot of people living in the New Testament with an Old Testament mindset.”

Labuschagne said he hopes to help others awaken to the gifts of the spirit offered in the New Covenant.

“God believed in us for a reason,” Labuschagne said. “He saved us for a reason.”

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3 Replies to “Making Disciples of Men”

  1. This book is amazing! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a closer more intimate relationship with Jesus or wants to understand who Jesus really is in their lives. I am blessed to know Pastor Anton and to dive deep into learning the Truth of our King ~ Yeshua!

  2. Anton ,thank you,what a blessing to hear you.May our Father use your wisdom to make me strong as you are

  3. Brother Robert Panther says:
    July 6, 2020

    Quote: “The word of God keeps me focused on the truth that I am part of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. It is more important to me what the King of this Kingdom says than what the media or people around me say.”

    Amen! It is true Brother. Exciting times we are living in. Thank you for being a inspiration to the Body.
    WE pray that as the unveiling of the mind is taking place through the Spirit of God, that we all will start to think as Christ the Head of His Body. All members start to function together as one and allow His brilliant light to shine through us in harmony and union and we be this beautiful bright city that is set on a mountain. Once again you are a beautiful couple born for such a time as this…
    We love and appreciate you.