Sidewalk Prophets Singer Welcomes New Baby, Launches Virtual Tour

Sidewalk Prophets Singer Welcomes New Baby, Launches Virtual Tour

By Sarah Whitman, Tampa Bay Faith

Sidewalk Prophets lead singer David Frey spent two months sheltering-at-home with his expectant wife Harmony, preparing cautiously for their first child.

When nationwide shutdowns halted concert dates, Frey rushed to Nashville to help Harmony navigate the last weeks of pregnancy. He handled the grocery shopping. She made dinner. They took long walks and enjoyed the quiet.

On May 12, the couple welcomed a healthy boy, William James Frey, into the world.

“Harmony is my rock star, super hero,” David Frey said on the phone from Tennessee. “We spent most of the quarantine just spending time together. Every night before we went to sleep, we shared things we had to be thankful for that day. We made sure to see the blessing in everything.”

Sidewalk Prophets, known for hit singles ‘The Words I Would Say’ and ‘Live Like That’ had planned to release their seventh album ‘The Things that Got Us Here’ May 22. Due to the pandemic, the date was pushed back to July and live shows postponed. Still, the band, made up of Frey, Cal Joslin and Daniel Macal, will play on.

On June 16, Sidewalk Prophets will launch a virtual tour, performing multiple live shows online, each targeted to specific cities and regions. 

“We will perform live every night of the tour from a venue here in Nashville,” Frey said. “There will be a chat feature and a chance for the audience to vote on songs they want us to play.”

The free shows will be ticketed online by zip code. Viewers who enter their name and address will receive a time to tune-in by email. The first tour ‘stop’ is Los Angeles.  A Tampa show is scheduled for June 25.  

“We were touring out west when the shutdowns started, so we want to start back out there with the folks we left,” Frey said. “Our last show, a lot of people who had tickets didn’t show up and we were able to give refunds.”

Frey said when the band recorded ‘The Things That Got Us Here,’ they never imagined ‘here’ being the middle of a pandemic. Still, they trust God’s timing for everything. Good or bad, He has a plan, Frey said.

“When I think about things like how I met my wife,” Frey said. “I thought I was going back stage to sing Happy Birthday to a fan and I met the love of my life. On one tour, we had a bus fire that threatened our lives. Somehow we were able to overcome it and play our show the same night it happened. So now, we sing ‘Hallelujah for the things that got us here.’ “

For more information and to sign up for the Sidewalk Prophets virtual tour, visit .